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Set Of 3 Easter Island Heads Tiki Statue

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Stunning Statues with all the Original "Moai" markings.

These classic pieces are based on the incredible "Moai" Easter Islands Statues which were constructed over 1200 years ago to keep watch over the villages on the Rapa Nui Easter Island.

Great value price for all three items.

All three items have been sculpted from the same sculptor who created and sculpted 'Yoda' from the Star wars films and has been the leading sculptor on many blockbuster movies including Harry Potter/Mummy returns etc.

Stunning pieces all are solid cast and come in an "aged" finish.

All our Statues are manufactured in the UK, and are not cheap resin copies therefore they will not break in frost or lose colour.

The sizes of these statues are as follows: Trio: 42kg, 56cm high; Male: 19kg, 52cm high; Large: 42kg, 80cm high.

Superb items that will look great anywhere garden/estate/school/business, etc.

Quality items guaranteed satisfaction.

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Original Manufacturers

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